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News:hotel job vacancies
PostWysłany: Śro 21:13, 04 Kwi 2007


Sahara DescriptionThe Sahara brings Morocco to the Nevadan desert, combining the exotic elegance and colorful style of North Africa with the charm of the Rat Pack days all while offering a plethora of restaurants, unlimited entertainment and comfortable and reasonably priced rooms.
Tall, colorful towers announce this venerable resort, featured prominently in the classic film "Ocean's 11." Upon entering, the hotel continues to please. Bar names like "Abracadabra" and "The Thirsty Camel" emphasize the Moroccan theme, but old pictures of Liberace and The Beatles remind you that classic Vegas is alive at the Sahara. A number of restaurants, including the gourmet steak house House of Lords, Paco's Bar & Grill and the Sahara Buffet satisfy even the hungriest visitor. The mammoth NASCAR Cafe offers not only great food but also a museum-like setting for car-racing fanatics. Several bars and lounges, including the venerable Casbar Lounge, provide an oasis for the tired gambler. With a newly-expanded, non-smoking poker room and some of the best blackjack, gambling is always hot at the Sahara.
And there's much more to see and enjoy. The Platters, Cornell Gunter's Coasters, Beary Hobb's Drifters and Amazing Johnathan perform in the Congo Room; the Las Vegas Cyber Speedway puts you behind the wheel of an Indy race car in a stunning virtual-reality sprint; and a unique roller coaster, Speed - The Ride, hurtles you through a 72-foot loop at 70 mph, shoots you through the Sahara's marquee to the top of a 224-foot tower, then repeats the process -- backward.
The property also houses 1,720 rooms, providing maximum comfort at comfortable prices, and a 5,000-square-foot pool that follows the same Afro-Mediterranean theme -- complete with cabanas and palm trees.
More than half a century after it first opened its doors, the Sahara still provides refuge, relief and relaxation like a true Vegas oasis.
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] bay!!! Smile
News:hotel job vacancies
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